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This universal BMI ( Body Mass Index) calculator is provided by BodyWeight, the brand of people weighing scales manufactured by DPS-Promatic, visit our home page and see why they can be your next business opportunity.
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BWS-XB is the ideal scale for pharmacies and shopping centers BWC II is the most complete colour screen scale for best locations BodyWeight PRECISA is a robust scale with printer and BMI, at an affordable price FTS-HC is the scale for Fitness clubs ATP-XB is the coin operated professional blood pressure monitor
BMI calculator in Kg and cm

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BMI Calculator for Lb and Ft&In

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DPS-Promatic coin-operated weighing scales weigh up to 200 Kg (440 Lb) in 100g (4 oz) steps. Their height meters measures people Height up to 200 cm (6´8") in 1 cm (4/10") steps. Their BMI computer calculates BMI (Body Mass Index) with decimal accuracy.

Body Mass Index is an established system to judge people obesity. According to World Health Organization
  • You are SLIM if your BMI is below 18.5
  • You are the in the ideal weight range if between 18.5 and 25
  • You are overweight between 25 and 30
  • You are Obese if over 30
  • Increased body mass index (BMI: kg/m2) is associated with increased risks of CHD (Coronary Heart disease). Compared with lean people, people with BMI of 25-29 have been observed to have a 70% greater risk of CHD whereas people with BMI of 29-33 had almost a 3 fold greater risk of CHD. (World Health Organization-International Society of Hypertension, Guidelines for the Management of Hypertension (1999).
    With AutoPress automatic blood pressure monitor made by DPS-Promatic srl in Italy it is possible to monitor blood pressure on regular basis in pharmacies and shopping centers.
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